What Other Resources are Available for Researching US War Veterans Outside of The US?

If you’re an American citizen and you’ve been researching your family history to understand your own personal genealogy and build an accurate family tree, you may have hit a stumbling block when it comes to finding records of servicemen who fought in wars outside of the United States.

Here we will provide some information on the resources available to you when researching war veterans outside of the United States of America.

Wars American Citizens Fought in Outside of The USA

The development of America as we know it today involved a number of domestic conflicts against Britain in the Revolutionary War, and against the Native Americans in the Indian Wars. However, particularly in the 20th and 21st century, America has become a prominent force on the international stage and, as such, has sent countless military personnel abroad to fight in a number of wars.

This includes a staggering 16 million servicemen in World War Two and many millions more in the First World War, The Gulf War and The War on Terror, which still rages on today.

How To Locate Information on These Citizens

There are a number of ways to locate information about citizens who fought in wars abroad, however, easily the most straight-forward and efficient way is via an organisation like Forces War Records.

We have an extensive, 23 million strong collection of exclusive military records which can help you discover your own genealogy. Our military history experts are on hand to help you understand military acronyms and also help you find the information you may never have found alone. When looking for the service history of US military personnel who served outside of the USA, the best way to find these records quickly is to search now using our website.

Forces War Records: Discover Your Ancestor’s Military History

Here at Forces War Records, we are a leading British military community with over a million members. Our researchers study Britain’s military history and have published a number of books and articles on the subject. We can help you in your quest to discover your family’s military history with our archive of exclusive military records.


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