Tracing Your US Family History

If you don’t know a huge amount about your family history, you might be tempted to trace it back and discover who your ancestors were, what they did, where they lived and where they were from. This exercise can be interesting as well as beneficial for you and your loved ones.

The Benefits of Genealogy

The process of genealogy is a great way to forge a closer connection with your family history. It can help to validate old family myths and provide a means to discover if you’re related to anyone famous or prominent from history.

By finding old family portraits, you can see whether you share your good looks with anyone else in your family and understand whether any of your ancestors played a role in important events from history. More practically, you’ll also be able to trace any inheritances, land ownerships, be able to find your birth parents and find useful information about medical conditions which run through your family.

Talk To Your Relatives and Begin a Family Tree From Pre-Existing Information

When beginning your journey into the past of your family, you should sit down and talk to all of the surviving members of your family and gain as much insight from them as possible.

This can help you understand who you are and where you’re from and begin forming a draft family tree to work from. Source as much documentation and photos from your family as possible and then use resources to confirm the information you have and continue your search.

Resources To Use To Trace Your History Further

Once you’ve discussed your family with the elder members of your family, you can support that information by working with an organisation which holds records for genealogy purposes. For example, your grandmother or grandfather may have mentioned that a member of your family passed away during one of the World Wars and you may wish to find their military records to discover who they were, what their achievements were and who their parents were to continue your search.

You can do this by working with us at Forces War Records, where we have millions of military records for you to search and continue your own research into your family.

Forces War Records: The Leading UK Military Genealogy Specialist

Here at Forces War Records, we are a leading British military community with over a million members. Our researchers study Britain’s military history and have published a number of books and articles on the subject. We can help you in your quest to discover your family’s military history with our archive of exclusive military records.


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